Photo by Howard Kong

Photo by Howard Kong

Personal Info

Name: Chris Peers
Age: 38
Location: Boston, MA
Hometown: New York, NY
Occupation: Software Engineer

Professional Information

Current Employer: The MITRE Corporation
Years Active: 2003 - Present
Job Title: Department Chief Engineer
Job Description: Manage and assess the software technical quality of the department's workproducts. Champion entrepreneurship by working with department members to participate in the internal innovation program, and push innovation into thework program. Lead technical work programs within the department in the area of agile software development, DevSecOps, and cloud computing.
Previous Roles:
Group Leader - Provide human resources management for 8-12 staff. Conduct performance reviews and provide input for salary administration. Meet with staff to provide guidance and advice of both a technical and professional nature. Participate in hiring activities and onboarding of new employees. Work with department, division, and corporate leadership to shape the direction of the organization.

Software Task Leader - Lead teams of 3 to 6 developers to design, develop and deliver innovative solutions to critical problems facing DoD and DHS organizations. Manage the development of multi-platform (e.g. Java, J2EE, .Net, and Mobile) components on N-Tier architecture. Work with government sponsors, other task leaders, and external stakeholders to identify the core problem and develop requirements. Assign tasks and track progress of tasks along the master schedule.

Oversee design, development, and testing of software solutions. Generate technical documentation, user documentation, and administrator documentation for all developed software. Work with external partners and customer representatives to integrate with existing and to-be-developed software systems. Provide status updates to internal project leadership and the customer program managers.

Technical Advisor - Provide technical guidance and systems engineering support to government sponsors. Review technical documentation provided by external partners. Analyze and provide feedback for partner developed solutions. Offer recommendations and advice to government sponsors with respect to future development and acquisition efforts.
MITRE is a registered trademark of The MITRE Corporation.

MITRE is a registered trademark of The MITRE Corporation.


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© 2016 Northeastern University

Education Information

School: Northeastern University
Degree: Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2004

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