This page is meant to give you a little more insight into me, the things I like, and how I got to be where I am. It will become much more obvious why you need to know these things once you start reading my blogs. I've got a few screws loose so it's very important for you, the reader, to understand who loosened them.

That having been said, I grew up in Brooklyn, NY in the same house that my mom grew up in. My dad is a proud Vietnam War veteran. My mom worked in the NYC public school system for years. They're both retired. My dad likes to make up stories and make you believe they're true. My mom likes two NFL football teams in the same conference. The only thing my two brothers can really agree on is that I'm the weird one.  These are important facts about me.


Sports are a huge part of my life. My entire year's plans revolve around the Patriots. As a partial holder of season tickets, I have to make sure I'm available on Sundays in the Fall. I am also a huge Mets fan. Have been since the 90's. The Patriots being so wildly successful is a good counter-balance for the Mets utter mediocrity (at least until 2015 when they went to the World Series). Having such extremes in my life keeps me grounded.

Beyond the Mets and Patriots I don't really follow any other sports teams. I do, however, love all sports to varying degrees. I can watch/discuss/read about just about any sport. Except golf. Golf is just an excuse to walk around outside drinking beer. People who say they like golf scare me. It's like they've been brainwashed.



Movies are another huge part of my life. If I like a movie I will watch it over and over and over again. I can hold entire conversations in nothing but movie quotes. The more quotable a movie, the more I like it. I have a collection of classic Blu-Ray box sets that include Die Hard, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more.

I don't just like good movies, though. I love bad movies, too. You know the kind of movie where it's so bad you can't help but like it? That's right there in my wheelhouse. I have seen Billy Madison over 200 times. Bio-Dome changed my life. If I am looking at the guide on my cable and Batman and Robin is on, I'm watching it. These are the great truths of my life. Judge me if you want. I judge myself, too.


Television is sort of the soundtrack of my life. I like to multitask, so I love having TV on in the background throughout my day and/or night. There are very few shows that get my undivided attention, but some are just that good.

I have a wide variety of taste in TV shows. I pretty much like it all. From the classic sitcoms and police procedurals, to science fiction and fantasy, and of course The Walking Dead, I pretty much love it all. I even love the trashy stuff too. Maury Povich and Jerry Springer hang out with me when I'm working from home. No, I am not the father! 

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